CARSON/OLDCASTLE ENCLOSURE SOLUTIONS Polyethylene Heavy Duty Round or Rectangular Meter Pits, with iron, plastic or polymer concrete covers. Also available are Rectangular Polymer Concrete Vaults and covers. Also, Cubis vaults, made from glass reinforced polymer, a high strength alternative to concrete, easily assembled on the job site, available with a high strength composite cover, available in any size.

RACI CASING SPACERS Polyethylene Non Metallic Casing Spacers, Insulators, Centralizers, Isolators, and End Seals for use with all sizes and types of pipes.

LANSAS PRODUCTS Pneumatic Test plugs and Flow Thru testing equipment, ranging in sizes from 1" to 120" diameter, in both single and multi-sizes. Manhole Vacuum testing units and portable & trailer mounted leak locating units, as well as Hurco Deflection Mandrels, Smoke Testers & Ventilators, are also available. 

AQUASHIELD PROTECTIVE ENCLOSURES Outdoor Insulated Enclosures, with or without heating equipment to insure freeze protection.

VYLON Closed Profile Non-Pressure PVC Pipe available in diameters of 21” - 54” for use as a Bell and Spigot Direct Bury Pipe or as a Slip Line product with constant OD and tongue & groove elastomeric joints.

ADAPTER, INC Manufacturer of Valve Box adapters to center, stabilize, and protect gate valves and butterfly valves while using cast iron valve boxes. Made of recycled rubber.

EAGLE CLAW Pipe Assembly Tool used to properly align and assemble various types of PVC Pipe and Fittings, such as: Certa Lok Pipe, Bulldog Gasketed Pipe, solvent weld pipe, and all types of gasketed pipe with diameters of 4"-15".

GRIPPER GASKETS, LLC Gaskets with stainless steel inserts, that provide restraint upon insertion, used to restrain Tyton Joint push-on ductile iron pipe, valves and fittings, eliminates bolts, rods and concrete thrust blocks. Also Mission Underground SS shielded and unshielded rubber sewer couplings. Also the Maxadaptor Coupling, one coupling joining any dissimilar sewer pipes, 4-12” 

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